SOG Testimonials

Throughout this pandemic the need to find new and innovative ways to support and engage with our senior communities was imperative in helping to break isolation and to give them something to brighten their days! SOG was an integral part in helping this to happen. 30 seniors at 395 Somerset Street West were provided with Balcony gardening kits from SOG. These kits allowed them to tend to a vegetable and herb plant on their balcony. We received great feedback from the seniors who enjoyed the harvest they reaped from the plant, as well as the reason to get out onto their balcony for some fresh air and light exercise when tending to their plant. Many seniors went out and purchased their own additional plants and pots to grow their balcony garden bigger!

From Amanda Ryan, OCH Ottawa Community Housing

At another of my smaller gardens, where people’s incomes are very limited, SOG was able to provide many seedlings and starter plants and herbs to the gardeners there. As a result of SOG’s generous support, the garden here was plentiful and they are continuing to harvest from many of the plants that were provided through SOG. They have even shared this harvest with their neighbors by leaving a ‘please help yourself bowl’ of garden herbs and vegetables in the lounge for people to take. They have taken on board the information that SOG has provided them for the best way to grow organically and the many creative and eco-friendly ways to combat pests!

From Amanda Ryan, OCH Ottawa Community Housing

Rob is an excellent presenter and mentor. He would answer participant’s questions with lots of patience and always provided a good explanation. All participants learned so much from his presentations and tried new techniques. We recorded the sessions so the gardeners who couldn’t join the sessions can watch videos at their own pace. The presentations help us gain confidence, inspiration and skills. The whole gardening activity brought participants closer to each other.

Safia Nawaz, Diverse Senior Gardeners (JFS-OCISO)

They felt less lonely now that they were connected. They felt they were less bored and more active. It passed the time they said. The activities made them happy and were like therapy in keeping their minds active, calm, and engaged. It took them outdoors and this gave them the benefit of obtaining Vitamin D.

Satwant and Mr. Sagu

I found the sessions given by Rob very informative. He is extremely knowledgeable about the subject and was able to provide sound and practical advice. I appreciated his patience in ensuring that he responded to all questions being posed. I learned a lot and I am looking forward to more info sessions.

Samina Ali, Participant

Very good and useful workshop. I put the soils recommended by Rob and I got so much yield.
Thank you appreciate Rob presentations.

Sethu Shan, Participant

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