The Senior Organic Gardeners are extremely grateful to The Ottawa Community Foundation. The Foundation generously awarded SOG a grant in the fall of 2021. SOG requested funding to establish a new website, a logo, and a comprehensive guide to the workings of the Senior Organic Gardeners.

The guide facilitates the establishment of other chapters in Canada based on our success and creates a framework for future leaders.

After much searching we were fortunate to find Ivan Plotnikov. Our beautiful logo and excellent website are the product of Ivan’s guidance, patience, and talent. We thank him for his work and hope everyone enjoys navigating the site.

We thank our Garden Coach, Rob Danforth, and Director Emeritus, Margaret Tourond-Townson, for creating our SOG guide.

We are proud to share our success, to provide guidance, and to invite volunteers to join us in our mission to help Ottawa seniors grow healthy food and to improve their wellness.